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Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together

Mae Jemison is an astronaut, a doctor, an art collector, a dancer … Telling stories from her own education and from her time in space, she calls on educators to teach both the arts and sciences, both intuition and logic, as one — to create bold thinkers.

In 1992, Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman to go into space. She’s become a crusader for science education — and for a new vision of learning that combines arts and sciences, intuition and logic.

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Scott Rickard: The beautiful math behind the ugliest music

Scott Rickard set out to engineer the ugliest possible piece of music, devoid of repetition, using a mathematical concept known as the Golomb ruler. In this talk, he shares the math behind musical beauty (and its opposite).

Scott Rickard is passionate about mathematics, music — and educating the next generation of scientists and mathematicians.

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