krama dance company

© krama dance company

© krama dance company

„barking days“

performers Marina Antoniou, Anna Zoumpa, Dora Zoumpa, Evi Zoumpa
music composed by Konstantis Papakonstantinou
video artist Aristotelis Papakonstantinou
graphic designer Panagiotis Andrianos

„Barking days“ comes in response to a society that „barks“ and that opposes anything that is different and in conflict to it while at the same time composing the time period of immigration. On the scene there are carton boxes. A worthless material, that can change shape and disappear within a minute. Though for someone this might be his house, his shelter or even this valuable chest that within it may be included any valuable object he possesses. This box, the one and only fortune of an immigrant, that is the start of change. It is where he runs to seek for his hopes. This chest encourages him to continue to struggle and keeps him alive. Krama Dance Company was created in 2012 from a team of young dancers and activates itself in Greece, Belgium and Germany, on the need to express its social concerns.


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